Modular Solutions (SM Series)

The SM series is composed of linear Sliders (Slitte) that are modular and totally controlled in the movement by very high performance Brushless motors. The SM slides are available in 4 versions (size 25-32-50-63) for variable loads, strokes and speeds, also supporting high payloads. The positioning and the movement are totally electronically controlled, guaranteeing precision up to 0.01mm with total control and modeling of the motion cycle). The mechanical technologies used are of the highest level; they derive from a great experience of AW in combining mechanics with advanced electronics to achieve speed and displacement of high loads, inapplicable on pneumatic systems and very critical even for linear motor devices. The system is completed by an Ind. 4.0 diagnostic called AwareVu, which monitors the production cycle by highlighting anomalous vibrations in real time through a miniaturized acquisition and process system incorporated in the mechanics that also detects small variations in the production cycle, alerting the local monitoring or transferring the parametric trends of frequency and dynamics of operation to the control system (Cloud).


  • 4 sizes 25-32-50-63 fully motorized with high performance Brushless
  • Strokes up to 420 mm, with speed adaptable to the required load.
  • Speed ​​up to 2 m / sec and accelerations up to 3g, Maximum applicable force 3kN – Accuracy up to 0.01 mm, repeatability of positioning irrelevant with respect to the load
  • Movement mechanics (guides, pads and screws) studied for high accelerations (3g)
  • Software motion planning. TRIO option for complex trajectories
  • Reduced maintenance, real-time diagnostic systems (AwareVu)
  • Multiple configurations, Pick and Place and SCARA solutions or in combination with AW Axes
  • Availability of pliers or vacum accessories to complete the application


  • Excellent alternative to pneumatic systems, design simplification
  • Excellent alternative to systems with linear motors, cost reduction and performance improvement
  • Low dependence on the applied load, precision in positioning and adaptability to dusty environments with industrial processes
  • Programmable Moto Curves (Very useful for Liquids and / or Delicate Materials) – Total cycle control, format change, reconfiguration
  • Minimum ordinary maintenance, no calibration
  • High productivity over 100 cy/Minute

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