Linear Actuators (Cylinders)

Wider portfolio of Liner units to support any required application , ideal to replace pneumatic and hydraulic units
Systems based on high performance ball screw technology , high integration and force up to 150kN
4 families of products to adapt unit on required forces , best price performance vs duration
Modules based on ISO 6431 for perfect match with pneumatic sizes compatibility
New Mech Plus line to reach best sizing at the best force

Electric actuators for high performance (e-Cylinders Ind. 4.0)
Serie : Value –Line – Force – Plus –Extreme

Mech Value Series (AwareVu Optional)

Electric cylinders of small dimensions, for high performances in speed and force based on technology with recirculating ball screws. Available in normal or postponed version, to optimize spaces. Equipped with innovative high speed Stepper motorization with encoder or in Sensorless version, available sizes 16-25-32 with direct Stepper motorization or postponed for better adaptability.

Mech Line Series (AwareVu Optional)

Electric cylinders of great reliability and diffusion, a consolidated product with an excellent price / performance ratio. They are made in 4 sizes 25-32-50-63, use movement with recirculating ball screws with and are equipped with anti-rotation device. They are ISO 15552 compatible.

Mech Force Series (AwareVu Optional)

The Mech Force series is suitable for use with the most extreme loads or in situations where a high dynamic load over time is required. The profile has a reinforced structure and the thrust technology is built with recirculating ball screws to design, to obtain high dynamic loads to always offer maximum speed performance thanks to the various pitch possibilities

Mech Plus Series (AwareVu installed)

The Mech Plus series is suitable for use with the most extreme loads but adds very compact cylinder features. In addition, the series features a self-lubricating clutch for heavy-duty applications where automatic lubrication is required. In the deferred version, it has a high tight transmission belt and no backlash (game 0)

Mech Extreme Series (AwareVu Installed)

This new electric cylinder, extremely performing, allows continuous loads up to 70000 N with an operating speed of 1m / s. This electric actuator is ideal for operation without interruption for more than 4 years at maximum axial force, the technology used allows, for the first time in the market to combine high forces and speed up to 1m / s.