Automationware opening a new Factory Ind. 4.0

New Automationware Ind.4.0 plant in the province of Venice. (Italy)

Automationware, innovation company in the automation and robotics sector, has acquired a new manufacturing plant in the Venetian suburbs, precisely in the industrial area of Maerne di

The transfer over an area of 5000 m2 will be completed by the end of the year just completed the installation of Ind. 4.0 production equipment and IoT control systems. The refitting of the site will
be carried out in harmony with the guidelines in modern Lean business processes. The company plans investments with modern automatic storage systems and modern CNC equipment to obtain
the maximum productivity in the construction of semi-finished products to be integrated on the production of E- actuators with linear and rotary drives and high productivity robotics systems.

The new headquarters will also give space to a new research and development department, enhanced in personnel and technologies, for the evolution of the current product families, but
particularly the development of robotic systems (Robo-Kits) with a high technological content in tune with the new market expectations.

Automationware will also strengthen the commercial organization, enhancing its presence in global markets with a network of distributors and system integrators. In the new premises a new
thematic area will be installed for live demonstrations to companies interested in acquiring and understanding the modern motion techniques applicable in the various market sectors.

“Strong market growth in EMEA countries requires us to expand our capacity in logistics and production to ensure product and service excellence for our customers . Digitization trends around
Industry 4.0 (IIoT) are driving fast-paced changes in the automation industry ” . This is the comment from the President Roberto Signoretto.

The Chief Executive Fabio Rossi , said in a statement. “To keep up with and meet our customers’ high expectations, this investment will allow us to increase productivity and strengthen our supply
chain long term.”

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